Adult role models in Scouting provide an ideal learning experience for all youth. Every adult volunteer has something valuable to offer. On a typical weekend campout, Scouts might work with an adult volunteer who teaches good sportsmanship and with a Scout mom to learn knot tying, go on a 1-mile hike with another adult leader, and end the day learning how to cook and clean from someone else.

The advantages of Scouting are not limited to youth. Adults also develop leadership and physical skills with every training experience.

Volunteers learn, too. Volunteers spend a significant amount of time to ensure the success of Scouting in their communities. The average Scout volunteer gives 20 hours of service each month, and 96 percent of volunteers say they would recommend volunteering for the BSA to other adults. In fact, volunteers believe their time invested with the Boy Scouts of America helps them be:

  • A better citizen

  • A better parent

  • A better manager

  • A better employee

  • More patient and tolerant of others

  • More open to new ideas and opinions

We need you to provide the direction, coaching, and training that empowers today’s youth with the skills they will need to lead tomorrow.

How You Can Help

There are many ways that you can help Scouting in your area. Whether you are volunteering directly with Scouts or helping out behind the scenes, you can make an impact on the lives of Scouts by volunteering your time.

How can you help? Here are a few ideas:

Assisting directly with Scouts on an ongoing basis

  • Pack leader

  • Assistant leader

Helping directly with Scouts in specific events or activities

  • Event coordinator/event committee member

  • Pinewood derby coordinator/ committee member

  • Service project coordinator/ committee member

  • Camping trip coordinator/ participant

  • Banquet coordinator/committee member

  • Day camp coordinator/ participant

  • Summer camp coordinator/ participant/ promotion

Administrative Support

  • Advancement committee chair/ member

  • Communications committee chair/ committee member

  • Secretary: record keeping, activity permits, meeting minutes, annual recharter activities

  • Treasurer/ assistant treasurer

  • Youth Protection training coordinator

Other Kinds of Support

  • Fundraising coordinator

  • Pack committee chair/ member

  • Pack recruiter

  • Product sales committee coordinator/ member

  • Promoter of district/ council events to parents

  • Religious award committee coordinator/ member

  • Pack Trainer

  • Historian

  • Camping chair

Our Volunteer Positions

I promise that you have something valuable to share with us and we want you to be engaged. As the saying goes "Many hands make for light work."

If you are interested in volunteering with our pack, please contact our committee chair:

Steff Allison

c (724) 413-4950