March - May 2023

What is a Camp Card? 

Each Camp Card will sell for only $10.00 to the general public and will have multiple food, service and entertainment discounts for the customer to use throughout the year. This is a plastic card with break off coupons. For every card sold, the scout earns $5.00. 

(NOTE: There will NOT be an online component to the camp cards this year.) 

Every Scout deserves a Summer Camp Experience and that is the primary objective of this program. The Camp Card is designed to help a Scout Unit earn its way to camp. This helps the parents with the cost of camp and it helps the individual Scouts learn the value of their efforts. However, the funds raised can be put to camp, dues, uniforms, and more! 

Sale Dates 

March 1 - April 30  March 18 - May 14, 2023

Unit kickoff date is TBD. 

Selling Tips 

Selling Script

Hello sir/ ma'am, my name is [first name]. 

I'm a cub scout with Pack 749. 

We're selling Camp Cards to help earn our way to summer camp. (Place a card in their hand.) 

You can help us by purchasing this $10 card. With the discounts, the card MORE than pays for itself! 

You will help us, won't you?!?!

 (At the end) Thank you for your purchase. --OR-- Thank you for listening. 

Have a great day! 

2023 Camp Card Sales Training 

What Scouts Learn at Camp 

More Information 

For more information visit: or send an email to