Blue and Gold Banquet is the celebration of Birthday of BSA on February 8, 1910.

We Celebrate our Pack's Blue and Gold event for the Birthday of the Pack, scouting and to celebrate our Arrow of Light Scouts achievements.

History behind Blue & Gold

While "blue and gold" has various historical and cultural associations, one notable context is the story behind the Blue and Gold Banquet in Cub Scouting, particularly within the framework of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

The Blue and Gold Banquet traces its roots back to the early 20th century when scouting was gaining momentum as a youth movement. The Boy Scouts of America itself was founded in 1910, and Cub Scouting, a program for younger boys, officially began in the 1930s. As Cub Scouting evolved, packs started adopting the Blue and Gold Banquet as an annual tradition to celebrate the founding of the BSA and to recognize the achievements of the Cub Scouts.

The blue and gold colors chosen for these banquets have symbolic significance. Blue is often associated with the sky, loyalty, and the spirit of the scouting movement. Gold represents the sun, good cheer, happiness, and warmth. These colors were not only chosen for their visual appeal but also for the values and ideals they represent within the scouting community.

The Blue and Gold Banquet became a pivotal event in the Cub Scouting calendar, typically held in February to coincide with the BSA's anniversary. This celebration brings together Cub Scouts, their families, and scouting leaders for an evening of camaraderie and recognition. It's an opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of the young scouts, present awards, and express gratitude to the adult leaders and volunteers who contribute to the success of the pack.

Over the years, the Blue and Gold Banquet has become a cherished tradition in Cub Scouting, fostering a sense of community and reinforcing the principles of scouting. The banquet serves not only as a historical marker, commemorating the founding of the BSA, but also as a forward-looking celebration of the growth and accomplishments of the young scouts who embody the scouting spirit in their daily lives.