Ways to Participate

Storefront Sales

We will have different locations to sign-up, It is best practice to have ONE Scout and ONE parent at each shift to cover more shifts during the course of the sale.

Wagon Sales (Door-to-Door with or without Product)

Product is carried with the Scout in a wagon or vehicle, making it a quick and easy process for neighbors, family and friends.

Scouts collect orders on their app, for product to be delivered at a later date. The Scout turns in the to the unit’s popcorn Leader through the app, to be ordered and delivered later. This can also be taken through neighborhoods, but is great for parent’s co-workers, friends and family.

Online Direct, Kid Recorded

A mix between Wagon sales and Online sales. Scouts still visit door to door with Neighbors and Friends but the Product will be deliver directly from Trails End to the Costumers door.

This is great for parent’s co-workers, friends and family.

Online Direct, Virtual Store

Online sales are easier than ever for you to sell to out-of-town friends and family. Scouts set up their online account by downloading the Trail’s End App or at www.trails-end.com and share their fundraising page via email, social media, and text message. Customers pay securely online and the product is shipped directly to them with NO shipping fees.

How to Sell $1,000 Social Distancing

Create a Trail's End Account for your Scout

Text APP to 62771 to get link to download.

Available on the Apple app store and Google Play.

Create a List of 30+ people you know to ask for support.

With your Scout, go through the contact lists of your phone(s) and your social media friends lists (ie. Facebook).

Check your orders daily and follow up at least three times with customers that have not supported. Be sure to thank those that support!

Draft your Scout's sales pitch.

"Hi I am [Scout Name], I am rasing money to help pay for my Scouting Adventures. Please follow the link to my fundraising page and make a purchase that will help me earn my way in Scouting. Can I count on your support?"

Built your Scout's personalized fundraising page.

Once signed into the app, go to Online Direct and then Manage Page.

  • Upload a picture of your Scout smiling. Even better if they're wearing scout attire.

  • Paste your Sales pitch in the About Me portion.

  • Select your favorite product.

Ask for support

  • Share your Scout’s fundraising page from the App through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter), Text Message, Email, and more.

  • For BEST results, Scouts should make phone or video calls (FaceTime, Zoom). Scouts can take payment over the phone or use the Online Direct cart sharing feature so you customer can complete the purchase.

  • Tip: Just like in face-to-face selling, customers say yes more often with a personal ask (call, text, email, DM) than an indirect ask (general Facebook post).

Ask for support in the Neighborhood

  • Ask neighbors for support in local Facebook Groups, Apps (Next Door).

  • Visit 30 homes in your neighborhood.