Why popcorn??

Fund Your Entire Scouting Year - Units Earn Over 30% on Average

Packs earn roughly 30% on average with a pre-built program designed for them (includes cash commission, prizes, giveaways, and more). Many units earn enough commission to fund their entire year including membership fees, summer camp fees, activity fees, and more. Additionally, councils earn roughly 30% as well to ensure their ongoing programs and camps can continue.

Popcorn Provides Free Rewards for Your Scouts

Circle Ten, Trail's End, and Pack 749 have some great rewards and prizes. Check them out here: REWARDS & PRIZES

Popcorn provides free Amazon gift cards just for participating in popcorn. Do other fundraisers provide that?

On average a Scout sells about $150 worth of popcorn in 1 hour of dedicated time. That means in as little as 2 hours of effort, a Scout can pay for his national membership dues. In only 10 hours or 5 shifts, your Scout will have paid for their pack dues in full. Plus, the Scout will learn the value of earning that experience.

73% Goes to Local Scouting

While a large portion goes directly to help fund and support your unit, when you sell popcorn, you also help the greater Scouting cause here locally. Additional funds are used to directly support the local Scouting program through camp improvements, equipment your unit uses, resources for your unit, and facility improvements. Together we have all have a huge impact. Help to make sure your unit fundraiser supports Scouting rather than other 3rd parties.

Scouts United Together Under a Unified Popcorn Campaign

Over 230 local units sell Popcorn. When you join popcorn, you join a unified effort that is promoted across the entire region. So your unit benefits from advertising and a well known Scout fundraiser.

Earn Rank Advancements

Through participation in the popcorn sale, Scouts can actually complete several requirements for various ranks or badges in Scouting. Think of it as a great win-win.

Trail's End App

Can the same email address be used for multiple Scout accounts?

Yes, the same email address can be used for multiple Trail's End accounts. However, the usernames on each account must be unique.

How are Storefront sales split when I make sales?

"Split by Shift" - Sales will be split between all Scouts registered for the storefront shift, regardless of the Scout that records the sale.


Enter new customer information manually or by importing contacts already in your phone. You can also select customers from previous years. It sends them a communication requesting support for this year and shares your scout's personal virtual store.

Contactless Ways to Sell

You can :

  • Sell on social media only via Online Direct

  • During Wagon or Storefront sales, enter their order on your phone then text the cart real-time to have the customers enter their payment information

  • Purchase a contactless Square card reader

Direct Shipping via Online Direct sales

All Online Direct sales ship directly to the customer. Shipping* is free for orders over $70.

*Some heavy products may incur a Freight charge such as the 12 pack box of Unbelievable Butter Microwave Popcorn.

Heroes and Helpers Donation Program

When a customer purchases an American Heroes Donation, a portion of the purchase goes back to local kids and Trail’s End sends delicious treats to first responders, military men and women, their families, and veteran organizations. Trail’s End has teamed up with Soldiers’ Angels to distribute the popcorn to VA Hospitals, National Guard units, and military bases across the country.

  • Over $66 million worth of popcorn has been donated to U.S. troops over the years

  • In 2019, over 2,900 pallets of popcorn was shipped to 45 locations in 22 states

NEW in 2021: In addition to a one-time donation, customers now have the option to sign up for a monthly donation amount (minimum $5)!

Heroes and Helpers Recurring Donations

Monthly gift to Scouting & American Heroes in addition to existing one-time gifts, Online Direct customers can now choose to support with a monthly donation to American Heroes.

  • Customers can sign up in your virtual store

  • Easier than ever for customers to support local youth, U.S. military, and first responders.

  • Customers choose what amount is best for them

How do I cancel my monthly donation?

To cancel your monthly donation, please email support@trails-end.com with the name and email you used for your order.

Recruit a Scout

Select Recruit A Scout from the app's main menu to enter the prospective scout's contact information.

  • Recruit friends and neighbors through the Trail’s End App

  • The information will be sent to the Leaders & Council

Trail's End Support & Knowledge Base

For more FAQ's, visit TE's Knowledge base at https://support.trails-end.com/support/home .