• Scouts shall follow the Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Guide to Safe Scouting at all times. Remember, we are representing the Boy Scouts of America and must act accordingly at all times.

  • Scouts shall wear their Class A Uniforms at all times. Parents should wear their Adult Leader Uniforms or Unit T-Shirts.

  • Storefront tables will have a banner that clearly identifies that Scouts.

  • Shopping Carts are for the use of store customers and are not to be used to transport / store Scout Popcorn.

  • Scouts shall setup their table near the exit door to the store, or the location specified by the store. We may only setup tables at multiple doors if the Store has given us clear permission to do so.

  • The Store has granted us permission to run our Popcorn Fundraiser, which means supplemental items like water, jerky, hot dogs, candy, car wash, etc. are not permitted to be sold.

  • Scouts shall greet the customers as they exit the store. Scouts are not allowed to approach customers in the store, in the parking lot, etc.

  • Scouts shall be friendly and courteous, even when a customer ignores them and/or does not want to buy popcorn.

  • Scouts will not be overly aggressive, and call out to, badger, or follow customers to their vehicles.

  • There will not be more than four volunteers at the store at any given time, and at least one volunteer must be an adult.

  • Samples of products shall NOT be given to customers, as it is a health code violation.

  • Scouts will not break open the product and sell the products in quantities less than the way they are packaged. Nutritional information must be on all packages.

  • Leave No Trace – remove all empty boxes, trash, and other debris from the

  • location after your sale.

  • Be respectful and thankful to Store employees at all times. Remember that this is their Store, and we are only there because of their generosity.